Paparazzi Dogs in Federation Square.

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Man meets dog meets paparazzo… See a series of bronze life-size sculptures by award-winning artists Gillie and Marc at Melbourne’s Federation Square until end April 2013.

Specially commissioned and made for Federation Square, they’re a comment on the prevalence of paparazzi in popular culture. Visitors can go there to take their own photos with the paparazzi, allowing them to become a celebrity.

Send Gillie and Marc your creative photos and they will post them on their facebook page. Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Paparazzi Dogs in Federation Square.

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  2. Gillie / Marc

    I’m in the process of establishing a new wordpress-based free legal resource page – see – for which I’d really like to use a cropped version of one of your pictures of the paparazzi dogs sculpture. Would you be happy for me to do this? I’d be more than happy to include an appropriate attribution, and commentary, and a link back to your blog or other webpage that you would wish. My email is below for you to get back to me.

    Kind regards

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