Dogman and Rabbitgirl visit Grandmas Little Bakery in Alexandria, Sydney.

Known for their beautiful home made meals and sweet treats, pop into Grandma’s Little Bakery in Alexandria, Sydney!

Dana and the team at Grandma’s Little Bakery are apart of our ‘Love a Friend’ project which is promoting the value of friendship and encouraging a more loving society.

Dogman and Rabbitgirl enjoyed their $2.50 takeaway revolutionary coffee and love the recipes from Grandmas! You’ll be amazed at the huge range of home made biscuits, pastries, cakes, pies, gelato, chocolate, and sweets baked freshly at their Alexandria cafe. After you enjoy your home made delicious meal you can take another frozen meal home for dinner! For a one of a kind homely experience, Grandmas Little Bakery is the place to go.


Located: 42 O’ Riordan Street, Corner 21 Collins Street, The Alex building, Alexandria NSW 2015.

Grandmas Little Bakery also located at Collector : 5796 Federal highway, Collector, NSW 2581 (On the Federal h’way, 2km after Collector, on the right when travelling North (towards Sydney) or 24km’s past Goulburn, on the left when heading south (towards Canberra).

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Grandmas Little Bakery Alexandria (02 9690 0069) :

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Grandmas Little Bakery Collector (02 4848 0240) :

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(GLB also own two Lost Dogs!)

Q & A with owner of Grandmas Little Bakery Dana:

1. Who are your three best friends?

Dana: My Husband, daughter and Jude – the three Musketeers!

2. How many coffees do you drink a day? Do you have them alone or with a friend?

Dana: I actually drink tea but I have one a day and choose the best – our Grandmas coffee!

 3. If you could have a coffee with anyone in the world who would it be?

Dana: Ellen Degeneres – she’s great, and it would be fun!

4. Where’s the most memorable place you’ve ever had a coffee?

Dana: First time we had a coffee from new the coffee machine at the Collector at the farm. It was was the start of the new adventure for us!

5. Have you ever had a coffee with a dog or rabbit before?

Milo and Ossie the dogs on the farm. Whenever you drink coffee at the farm, they’re always around keeping us company!

6. Who is the most interesting person who has come into the café and had a coffee?

Dogman and Rabbit girl for sure.

7. Why do coffee and friends go so well together?

Dana: It’s just such a great way to stretch the time and enjoy each others company. Company and coffee at just the right temperature is just perfect for friendship.

8. What makes a good coffee and why do people come to your café?

Dana: Firstly because of the amazing good quality coffee and we are a part of a ‘coffee revolution’ making coffee an easy $2.50 for takeaway! When people come to Grandmas Little Bakery for the first time and everytime, they get the whole package! The freshness of home made and unique goodies, quality coffee, fresh home style cooking, great baristas and service. It is a homely place to come to – it’s unique and the cooking and service comes from the heart. Grandmas Little Bakery is also extremely affordable for the quality they provide and its unique concept. Dips, jams, biscuits, pastries, gelato, sweets and treats, home made frozen meals to take home are just a few things you will find at Grandmas Little Bakery. Everything is made fresh here in our kitchen and bakery. We welcome everyone to come and say hi here in Alexandria or at our other home in Collector, NSW.

If you want to help spread the love and own your own Gillie and Marc signed limited edition print, please get in touch with us at or pop into the gallery at Unit 16, 77 Bourke Road, Alexandria, NSW 2015.



Our Trip to China

Last week we made a trip to Beijing and Shanghai, to check out our foundries and all the amazing and inspiring art that China has to offer. We land in Beijing and headed straight over to the 798 art district:

2013-02-19 20.34.172013-02-19 20.45.342013-02-19 22.13.022013-02-19 22.44.04

2013-02-19 23.14.49

We walk around in very cold temperatures and stop to say hi to a lady on her wedding day, sitting in the boot of a car:
2013-02-19 22.41.08-1

Everyday is an adventure, we catch the bullet train very early in the morning to visit a foundry just outside Beijing, here we see the welding process:
2013-02-20 18.38.54
2013-02-20 22.50.07

2013-02-20 22.55.04

2013-02-20 22.51.28

2013-02-20 22.51.12

Next is Shanghai. We look around the Bund Area and absorb all the sites:2013-02-21 23.47.22

photo copy 4

2013-02-23 20.25.40

2013-02-23 20.24.55

2013-02-23 20.23.14

2013-02-23 20.21.39

2013-02-23 20.17.42

2013-02-23 20.15.27

2013-02-23 20.15.20

2013-02-21 23.47.30

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