Dogman and Rabbitgirl visit The Reformatory Caffeine Lab, Surry Hills

The Reformatory Caffeine lab not only offers great flavoured coffee, but offers an experience in itself! With a large mural along the side wall, the place is decked out to be cartoon and animation heaven. Old school cartoons from the 90’s play on a large screen tellie while the hustle and bustle continues along Foveaux Street in Surry Hills, Sydney. Greeted by the friendly Simon and fellow barista buddy’s, The Reformatory Caffeine Lab is one to check out if you live in Sydney or are visiting.

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Find the Lab:

Shop 7B 17-51 Foveaux Street, Surry Hills, NSW 2010

Instagram: reformatorycoffeelab



Dogman and Rabbitgirl had a chat with owner Simon:

1. Who are your three best friends?

Simon: My Brother, Ramon and Juan.

2. How many coffees do you drink a day? Do you have them alone or with a friend?

Simon: Drink with friends, customers, barista or just on my own, I have around 15 a day and still sleep like a baby!

3. If you could have a coffee with anyone in the world who would it be?

Simon: With Dad…. absolutely!

4. Where’s the most memorable place you’ve ever had a coffee?

Simon: When I was 2 years old, Dad put coffee in a bottle…. (born to be a barista perhaps?)


5. Have you ever had a coffee with a dog or rabbit before?

Simon: I have had coffees with dogs many times!

6. Who is the most interesting person who has come into the café and had a coffee?

Simon: Once, a girl asked for a piccolo with cookies and cream…. we gave her nothing.

Find it strange when people ask for a strong coffee then add 5 sugars

Another time, some guy asked for something similar to a latte… we gave him a latte!

 7. Why do coffee and friends go so well together?

Simon: Coffee is a social drink, coffee goes well with everything, with people and with food!

It’s a nice thing to have with everything and anything (maybe not seafood or steak though)

To simply share a coffee with someone is nice 🙂

8. What makes a good coffee and why do people come to your café?

Simon: I have passion and love what I do!

I choose high grade beans which have consistent roasting.

The beans are imported from lots of different countries and they are blended here in the lab. We offer 6-8 different coffees to suit everyone and offer a unique coffee experience.


The ‘Joker’ coffee blend is a combination of beans from 5 different countries including Ethiopia and Indonesia!

My favourite coffee I’ve ever had was last week at a coffee convention in Melbourne and it tasted like mango!


The Reformatory Caffeine Lab is apart of Gillie and Marcs Love a Friend project and they have a beautiful signed limited edition print… they’re excited to get their hands on a Lost dog now!IMG_7050.JPG_effected_small-1IMG_7032.JPG_effected_small-1Make sure you pop in for a coffee and watch some toons!

G and M.


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