Dogman and Rabbitgirl had the best coffee in Drummoyne!

Dogman and Rabbitgirl went to visit Copo Cafe & Diner in Drummoyne and LOVED IT!


If you haven’t been to Copo Cafe and diner, you’re missing out!

Have a delicious coffee whilst enjoying a delicious brunch made from local organic produce around Drummoyne, Sydney.

Enjoy the warmth inside downstairs or for a more alfresco experience, dine upstairs on the terrace.

You can find Danny and Copo Cafe and Diner at M3/135 Victoria Road, Drummoyne Sydney (02 9719 9057)



Instagram/Twitter: @copocafediner

02 9719 9057

We chatted with the lovely Danny who is the proud owner of Copo who is also a part of Gillie and Marc’s ‘Love a friend’ project 🙂


Q & A:

1. Who are your three best friends?

Danny: My brother from Brazil, Fiance (can’t forget her) and Pat one of our baristas.

2. How many coffees do you drink a day? Do you have them alone or with a friend?

Danny: I drink up to 5 but at the moment trying to cut back to 3…the guys here help me resist as I become a little edgy! I drink coffees with staff or with customers and sometimes some sneaky ones behind the counter.

3. If you could have a coffee with anyone in the world who would it be?

Danny: With Tony Abbott, not because he’s my friend but I have a few questions to ask him about how he’s leading our country!

4. Where’s the most memorable place you’ve ever had a coffee?

Danny: Sitting on a beautiful terrace in Marrakech, Morocco 4 years ago – I had an amazing turkish coffee whilst soaking up the view of the city. Turkish coffee is black and cooked on a stove top, and really really strong! It was a really memorable time.

5. Have you ever had a coffee with a dog or rabbit before?

Danny: No no, this is the first time in the cafe! I have had a coffee with my dog Roxy before, but he didn’t have one.

6. Who is the most interesting person who has come into the café and had a coffee?

Danny: We have quite a few local regulars that come in including Western Sydney Wanderers soccer player Nikolai Topor- Stanley. Chris Lilley also came in with a friend, he was quiet and was keeping a low profile as he was in the middle of filming his next series!


7. Why do coffee and friends go so well together?

Danny: Having a coffee together is the perfect conversation starter….Going out for coffee is much better than going out for drinks as the conversation is more serious and more interesting. You get more side tracked and distracted when going out for drinks.

Enjoying a good brunch with coffee is even better!

8. What makes a good coffee and why do people come to your café?

Danny: Nice, fresh and strong coffee we use Campos which is roasted here in Australia. We use the coffee beans between 10 and 20 days from roasting as that’s when it is freshest! We also go to the local markets for all our food and produce so everything is free range and organic as we want to provide the freshest for our customers.


Thanks for having us Danny and we hope you love your Gillie and Marc print! 🙂


Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 9.41.44 AM

G & M x


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