Street artists have sculptures valued at $500,000 stolen by public

In a social experiment public sculpture artists Gillie and Marc created 100 public sculptures of their famous dog hybrid sculptures. They tied them with dog collars and leads to sign posts on the streets of Sydney. Valued at $5000 each they wanted to see how the public would react. Within hours of the dog sculptures being placed onto the streets they were stolen. Gillie and Marc then decided to try find a way to secure the dog sculptures so they would stay at their posts for longer. They used plastic clamps to tie them to the poles. However thieves were still able to easily cut the ties. These dog sculptures lasted for around 24 hours. Determined to secure them more effectively, Gillie and Marc resorted to heavy steel chains to clamp the remaining dog sculptures. 36 hours later they were all stolen with thieves using industrial bolt cutters.

After 3 weeks 100 dog hybrid sculptures had been stolen from Sydney’s streets. The value of the dogs is $500,000.

So far Gillie and Marc have yet to find any of the stolen dogs and none have appeared on Ebay.

However one of them has been spotted on the roof tops of Bondi Junction.ImageImage


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