Sydney Contemporary Art Fair

This weekend we visited the Sydney Contemporary Art Fair at Carriageworks.

Sydney Contemporary is Sydney’s new international art fair showcasing work by emerging and established artists from leading Australian and international galleries. The inaugural edition takes place throughout Eveleigh’s striking arts precinct Carriageworks.

We thought the most dramatic and spectacular aspect of the whole exhibit was the space itself. Urban, vast, high ceilings – a piece of art in it’s own right really! It just goes to show how important the space is where art is placed. This is why we attempt to create our works as ‘site specific’ pieces. As sculpture needs to interact with its environment and that is when it truly becomes a cohesive and beautiful piece of work.



Along with the building there really was a beautiful array of works. But our favourite was the one below by Patricia Piccinini who really pushes the boundaries with her extremely life-like figures.


Going back to how important the ‘site specific’ aspect of our sculptures is takes us to our latest work for Perth. Stay tuned for installation dates and when you will be able to go and visit it yourself!



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