‘Tandem Riders’ Public sculpture for Perth


Perth’s Beaufort Street represents the city’s artistic flair, and in winning a tender for a street sculpture, Gillie and Marc were able to cement their artwork – a nude dogman and rabbitgirl on a tandem bicycle – right on the pavement so pedestrians can interact with it.It is installed at the corner of Vincent and Beaufort streets in Highgate, just outside local business Baker and Shuhandler.

Gillie and Marc like to create public art that engages the community, brings together different constituents, and sends a message about the area.

This bike addresses the city’s environmental concerns, and the characters represent diversity – they appeal to all races, genders, and identities in a universal way.

The sculpture plays on the idea of the street being a destination for visitors and tourists – where the street life is watched and photographed.


2 thoughts on “‘Tandem Riders’ Public sculpture for Perth

  1. This is such captivating work, I was over at hungry jacks in my FJ eating a egg and bacon muffin when i noticed this this couple naked riding on a bike. Well i just happened to have my Nikon on the seat and i thought maybe i’ll look silly taking a Photo of this Sculpture but i can tell you i was soooo draw to this it was unbelievable i truly admire your work and hope to see more kicking around town.I thought to myself i guess it is a dog eat dog world.

    Kind Regards

    Cabe Jefferies….Budding wannabee hopeful amateur Photographer.

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