Our new Friend – The Deer man



Our latest edition to the Rabbit and Dogman is the Deerman. 

The deer has been previously used as an animal for which they ride on (below). However we decided to take this one step further and make him into a deer man. 


The word “deer” was originally broad in meaning, but became more specific over time. It meant a wild animal of any kind. This is why we have chosen the deer as out animal, it expressed freedom and that we all have a wild side. 


Deers have always been there in the back of our minds, even appearing in some of our very early work! We would love to hear your thoughts on our latest edition!Imageder




We are proud to announce that our coffee drinkers are now in the big apple! They have arrived and are sitting out the front of Morrison Gallery. 

MORRISON GALLERY is located at

8 Old Barn Road | Kent, Connecticut 06757

HOURS: Wednesday – Saturday 10:30 AM – 5:30 PM | Sunday 1 PM – 4 PM

If anyone is travelling by or lives in the area please feel free to pop by, take a piccy and say hi to our friends. 




Tandem Bike Riders arrive in the City of Vincent

We have just had our Tandem Bike Riders installed in the City of Vincent on the corner of Vincent and Beaufort St Perth. Below are the riders before their big reveal.ImageThere have been many questions about these new arrivers. Many people are pondering over them – what do they mean, where have they come from? The questions are endless. What we love the most however is the love people show towards our art by taking initiative to dress up our friends. We love the interactions from the public and we encourage people to pat, dress and enjoy the piece.Image

One fan asks:

  1. The female riders camera suggests they’re out-of-towners, but where from?
  2. The male riders intensity suggests maybe they didn’t intend to be out on the street after a certain hour. Perhaps his girlfriend was being chased by a pack of Northbridge hounds and he rescued her,only to set them off on a Bonny and Clyde style existance.
  3. How long until this pair becomes victim to random clothing attacks, like the swan river diver? Actually one of the nearby shop owners said this has already happened, and the pair have only been in place for a week (hence the bunting still around them)
  4. Their arrival means we can truly be proud of Perth’s multiculturalism …not only do we welcome all cultures, but interbreed species as well … or so it seems.
  5. Evidently the piece has received mixed reaction and caused some discussion amongst the community, which is the point of street art really isn’t it?
  6. How much the Beaufort Street strip is starting to resemble Brunswick Street in Melbourne.

ImageImageBelow is an article from The City of Vincent that we would like to share as it wraps up this project quite beautifully.

The piece was commissioned for $40,000 after a public expression of interest process, and was approved by Council last year as part of wider Stage 2 Beaufort Street Enhancement Works.

Mayor Alannah MacTiernan says, “It is a bit ‘out there’ – but so is Beaufort Street. Our public art program is livening up the public realm in our urban villages.”

Husband and wife team, Gillie and Marc, collaborate to create art as one, applying the iconic imagery of the dog/human hybrid to celebrate the powerful spiritual relationship that exists between man and animal. In developing the concept, it was important for the artists to bring a high level of design, creativity, and of course originality. The overriding theme was “ONLY in Beaufort Street”, meaning the sculpture had to bring a level of surprise that was true to the street – which is eclectic, lively and slightly mischievous.ImageThe sculpture plays on the idea of the street being a destination for visitors and tourists – where the street life is watched and photographed. The sculpture is a contemporary and original art piece that aims to capture the imagination of residents and visitors alike.Image

The sculpture sits on the pavement so pedestrians can interact with it. The piece will connect well with the history and style of the street as it is created in bronze but still has a very contemporary feel.  As pedestrians will be able to interact with it, and touch it, the most loved areas over time will become more gold in colour and the sculpture will grow into its space.Image