Sculptures by the Sea Installation

The sun is shining and it is the most perfect day to install our Sculptures by the Sea piece, ‘ The Travellers’.

We begin the day by loading our sculpture that weighs around 160kg into a truck.

We drive to Mark’s Park, Tamarama where all the other artists are setting up their pieces already. There are over 100 sculptures that need to be installed.

We unload our sculpture at Marks Park and begin discussing how we are going to get it down Tamarama Point. We also drop our smaller sculpture at the inside stall.

We use a fork lift to carry the sculpture down the hill, to get it safely to the board walk. We had to make sure it was fastened securely and we held our breathes in the hope that it would make it safely down the hill!

Once it was on the board walk our team had to push it on the dolly all the way to Tamarama point.

Once it was in place, we had to secure it to the ground and needed to make sure positioning was perfect.

We are so happy and want everyone to please check it out!