Now and Forever
By Gillie and Marc

Created for Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary. To showcase these beautiful endangered species – The Tasmanian Devil, the Eastern Quoll and the Tasmanian Bettong. This is such a meaningful sculpture to us and we want to protect and bring awareness to the Australian public about how important our species are and how we need to protect them.

We hope to do many more sculptures that have such a great message behind them and are going to such a great cause!




We were so heartbroken yesterday to hear about Bryce Courtenay’s terminal illness. He is in an amazingly inspiring man who we were fortunate enough to meet and he was kind enough to allow us to paint him and also so giving that he drove all the way from Bowral to Paddington to open our show and talk about his love for dogs. We owe him so much and so does the rest of the world for his wonderful story telling and generosity.